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Friday, 8:07PM

We are awaiting the final results, please stand by…

Friday, 6:58PM

This just in, from GL HQ. A source close to the candidate had this to say:

"We are studying closely all reports of irregularities, and have done so throughout the day. We ask that our followers please remain calm, and respect the process until we have a clearer picture of where we stand. We remain confident that, at the end of the day, we will be victorious."

Friday, 6:24PM

As we await results in a very tense capital city, it seems that, should he lose, some of the Green Lantern's supporters will not take his loss quietly. Someone (or someones) by the name of Lantern Kiwi has begun posting about their experiences voting.

Friday, 6:06PM

Reports: Green Lantern to File Injunction in Election WORLD EXCLUSIVE - MUST CREDIT PAGE SIX

There are multiple unconfirmed reports that the Green Lantern is strongly considering filing an injunction preventing ballots from being counted, thanks to reports of widespread fraud and voting irregularities in the District's mayoral elections.

More on this fast-moving story as it develops…

Friday, 2:23PM

From a Green Lantern supporter, via Twitter:

If WonderWoman edges out @vote_green because of fraud (link to video showing alleged vote fraud), I urge the world to turn your icon green.

Friday, 1:54PM

With high turnout expected in the DC Mayor's race, it looks as though some campaigns may be going to great lengths in a last ditch effort to manipulate the process. First, there are reports that someone has been sending Wonder Woman supporters the WRONG LINK to vote, and now we are receiving confirmation that some people were receiving a false confirmation page.

The NOI Board of Elections confirms that some voters were receiving a confirmation page that showed their vote for Wonder Woman no matter who they voted for. This led some to speculate that the Wonder Woman camp was engaging in voter fraud.

I'm worried there is something worse going on. In BOTH instances, the target seems to be Wonder Woman and her supporters. Is it possible that someone, maybe even Mayor Magneto himself, is going after Wonder Woman and is intentionally trying to suppress her vote? Stay tuned.

Thursday, 3:19

Magneto really getting into the race???

I have it on good authority that they are going to allow Magneto into the race. These are unconfirmed reports at this moment. Will keep you updated as we learn more. One thing is for sure, Magneto is a formidable campaigner who has already begun ramping up his smear machine for what is sure to be a dirty end to this election season.

Thursday, 2:14pm

I've looked into this new smear campaign against Wonder Woman and I have it on good authority that the organization "Department Against Heroine Politicians" is actually a front being funded by supporters of Mayor Magneto. This PAC was organized in Washington, D.C. about two weeks ago and laid completely dormant.

I can't wait to see the next filing to see just how much money the Mayor and his cronies are going to dump on Wonder Woman.

Thursday, 2:00pm

WonderWoman: Not a family-friendly candidate? According to a local pro-family values group, Department Against Heroine Politicians, WonderWoman has an unhealthy, documented track record that includes among other things, reckless suicidal tendencies and perverted sex games. They just released the following video "WonderWoman: Bad for Families, Bad for DC"

Wednesday, 10:50am
An unidentified, rogue person/organization only identified as 'WhoistheAtom' has released two videos on the popular video-sharing site, attacking the credibility and unknown identity of The Atom. This first video released yesterday is titled 'Who is The Atom' and the second out just this morning, is called 'What will The Atom Do for DC?'

Tuesday, 1:15pm
Many concerned DC citizens deal with street cleaning tickets on a regular basis. There's already a large group forming on Facebook asking the candidates to speak publicly as to how they'd deal with this. So far, only 3 of the 8 candidates have responded. Could this be the key issue to the campaign? Stay tuned, but most importantly, speak out!

Tuesday, 11:49 AM
Looking at the 8 candidates for DC Mayor, only one is offering a true, comprehensive theory of change.

That candidate is Green Lantern. Why aren't other candidates offering up their theories of change? In times like these, the people of DC deserve more than the tired, shop-worn platitudes of past campaigns. Will we get that?

Tune in, get wise to what these candidates are saying, speak out and demand answers!

Tuesday, 10:45am

As this mayoral race heats up, with less than a week before voting, several voters have asked a burning question that has gone unanswered - what are the candidates positions on the War in Iraq?

But more importantly, will we get an answer, or will we just get more ducking of the issue? Stay tuned to Page Six for the latest!

Tuesday, 10:50am

Where does Wonder Woman Stand on Street Cleaning Fines?
By contributor: Brad Bauman

The race for Washington D.C. Mayor is officially in full swing. Initially I was very much supportive of Wonder Woman, and while I still intend to vote for her, I'm having a few concerns about her campaign.

Over the past few days a new Issue has broken through. One that could become the flash point in this highly contested race. I'm talking about Street Cleaning Fines. A citizens group started by local activist Adam Green has begun putting pressure on the 8 candidates, and two, Batwoman and Batgirl were quick to take up the issue.

I've asked Wonder Woman what her stance is on the issue via Twitter and have yet to hear back from her. That is not the sort of openness and transparency that I'm looking for in my next Mayor. Now, I don't want to be too harsh, I understand the grueling nature and long hours that a campaign demands, and surely someone on staff who monitors the Twitter feed probably just didn't bump it up to Wonder Woman's attention, but the stakes are too high to have a sloppy Mayor in office. In these tough economic times, I need to feel as though my elected officials are Competant AND responsive to my issues.

Thats why I ONCE again pose the question to Wonder Woman…where do you stand on Street Cleaning Fines. I await your answer, as do my readers.

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