Street Cleaning Fines- Where does Wonder Woman Stand?

The race for Washington D.C. Mayor is officially in full swing. Initially I was very much supportive of Wonder Woman, and while I still intend to vote for her, I'm having a few concerns about her campaign.

Over the past few days a new Issue has broken through. One that could become the flash point in this highly contested race. I'm talking about Street Cleaning Fines. A citizens group started by local activist Adam Green has begun putting pressure on the 8 candidates, and two, Batwoman and Batgirl were quick to take up the issue.

I've asked Wonder Woman what her stance is on the issue via Twitter and have yet to hear back from her. That is not the sort of openness and transparency that I'm looking for in my next Mayor. Now, I don't want to be too harsh, I understand the grueling nature and long hours that a campaign demands, and surely someone on staff who monitors the Twitter feed probably just didn't bump it up to Wonder Woman's attention, but the stakes are too high to have a sloppy Mayor in office. In these tough economic times, I need to feel as though my elected officials are Competant AND responsive to my issues.

Thats why I ONCE again pose the question to Wonder Woman…where do you stand on Street Cleaning Fines. I await your answer, as do my readers.

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